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Our beautiful county and high-quality goods line building has a preliminary prototype

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Recently, from the county housing authority, we learned that the project has been completed in the past two years. Project into ninghai miles of red makeup red ribbon cultural elements, and the landscape around the island set in the "two mountain and two bay" on behalf of tiantai mountains and siming mountains, sanmen bay and xiangshan bay landscape implied meaning, the natural and humanistic landscape together, show the ninghai ecological civilization construction and the historical and cultural heritage city, creating a distinctive portal landscape, it is also my county this year to build the beautiful town of fine line part of the high-speed stop ninghai exit point.

With the development of the beautiful county, our county will focus on building a series of fine lines in series 12 stop points and 7 scenic spots along the road in this year to fully demonstrate the achievements of the beautiful county.

You can see from the fine line, high-speed export stand point along the taoyuan north road, respectively, after days of fine line siminghu city park stand point, new century business district (CBD) stand point, people's avenue to stop point, experience of ninghai city modernization. Day siminghu city park in midtown new cities stand points, first phase of the siminghu park built in day, started the day siminghu park phase ii project is an organic whole repeatedly with the storage pool YanGong river project, has become a new city centre "environmental regulator". This year, the city balcony, the tianming hotel, the lake west special commercial district will also launch the construction, will build new town waterfront new scenery in the future. After entering the middle of taoyuan road, the new century business district of the urban commercial leisure center has become the urban living room of the central city. As an important artery of ninghai city, the people's main road will be completed and the main street of the characteristic landscape will be completed. The comprehensive renovation and renovation project is now coming to an end.

Through the people's road, along the taoyuan south road and xu xiake avenue, stopping point through the city god temple, FeiFeng mountain stand point, Simon towers stand point, but also feel the ninghai history culture and the characteristics of landscape leisure side. Chenghuang temple stand point, upgrade the project first phase of the project is expected to be completed in June, the ancient stage engineering to the city god temple as the core, the formation of show ninghai state-level non-material cultural heritage the level display platform, combined with the historic district renewal and reconstruction, make the historical and cultural blocks. FeiFeng built at the foot of the mountains of xu xiake food court is expected to the year business formally, the east side of the creek waterfront plaza project introduce on both sides of the creek mountains and streams beach landscape square, food court and waterfront plaza will be organic integration, create a combination of modern and traditional bank leisure places. At the same time, the construction of xingning bridge will follow the nanmen bridge and fan jiayqiao, and build the "one bridge" on yangxi.

The reporter understands, in this line of high-quality goods, north to the export of stopping point of high-speed highway ninghai entrances landscape area, south to FeiFeng mountains stand point, west to xu xiake avenue landscape landscape areas, along the east and hiking trails to huashan park entrance landscape area, in this area, based on the urban landscape landscape, financial business, history and culture and regional characteristic, respectively set up has the old cultural landscape area, modern business in the new century landscape area, landscape areas such as new town center. Along this fine line, the city of ninghai can be seen in a panoramic view.

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