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Our county is deepening the reform of "Run at most once"

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Yesterday morning, our county held the "Run at most once" reform advance meeting, comprehensively deepen "Run at most once" reform. Wang junhai, member of the standing committee of the county committee, attended the meeting.

Mr Wang pointed out that "Run at most once" reform is a system project involving a wide range of sectors, involving the vast majority of sectors.Despite the initial success of the reform, there are still many shortcomings. He asked, to steadily push forward reform, and constantly reinforce the results, and fully understand the profound significance of the reform, "up to run a" as the current most powerful, the most economical, most are in urgent need of reform, development is system of our county focus on optimizing the investment environment, supplement the short board, promote development of soft power, make ninghai gathered talents, funds, project "lowland" important way. At the same time, Reforming a difficult task , across all departments in chemical fusion, cleaning up front, data sharing, deputy agents, such as work pressure, to ensure the effective ground of the reform, and growing together, go all out to build "Run at most once" ninghai model of reform.

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